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PSA for all our fellow EDM festival lovers: Chemion LED glasses are going to be the sickest trend for 2017! Seriously, these awesome LED glasses are the future. Forget about impressing people at raves or festivals with light shows. These Chemion glasses with the programmable LED displays are seriously going to trip people out, so get your hands on these ASAP in time for all the festivals.

How It Works

Basically, you just download the Chemion app (available for iOs or Android) and from there you can design your own animations or texts, which then light up the LED glasses. The Chemion glasses are Bluetooth, so no worries about cords getting in the way of your dancing. They are simply and conveniently powered by two small AAA batteries (included) that insert into the temple tips. Just like normal glasses, the Chemion glasses are lightweight and foldable, and aside from the cool LED display capability, they look just like normal sunglasses. None of that bulky goggle look that you’ve seen around lately in techno-vision accessories, thank goodness. As for visibility, the inside of the glasses (the side that you’ll be looking through) has slats that make it easy for you to see out of.

The versatility of these LED glasses is impressive. They come with some pre-set animations, with messages like “COOL” or a diamond pattern that flashes on and off. But you can also get creative and program the glasses to display what you want. Remember those etch-a-sketch pads from when you were a kid? The design interface is essentially like that with a pixelated board that you can draw your design on. Whatever you engineer will then light up on the LED display. You can program texts—people have programmed the glasses to read things like “PLUR” or “QUEEN.” You could even be a total spaz and program the name of the DJ you’re seeing if you wanted— “Hi Flume, notice me now with these LED glasses?” You can also break out your artistic side and draw animations like hearts, robots, etc. You can even combine text and animation. Equally cool is the equalizer option that plays animations to the beat of the music, so whenever that beat drops, you and your Chemion glasses are dancing to the same rhythm.

Who Wants Them?

Honestly, these LED glasses are a cool accessory for just about anyone, although it’s obvious that they’re taking off with EDM culture. Gamers and cosplay fans might also fall in love with the Chemion glasses because they allow the wearer to merge being spectators with a form of spectacles. Sports fans also love these at games to cheer on their teams. These LED glasses are the perfect melding of life and technology. It’s no surprise that that the inventors of the Chemion glasses are huge fans of DAFT Punk and were inspired by the band’s LED helmets. There is no doubt about it; we are moving toward the birth of the post-human, and these awesome LED glasses are bringing us another step forward in that technological evolution. So, get ahead of the trend and order your Chemion LED glasses today!