CINEMOOD Storyteller - Bedtime Stories Reimagined

CINEMOOD Storyteller - Bedtime Stories Reimagined


A magic cinema for kids and adults alike!

Everybody loves being able to watch their favorite shows on the big screen.  Most projectors isn't exaclty space saving nor is it very mobile.

The CINEMOOD: Storyteller is the solution to this problem.  Transform your room into a cozy home theatre with this palm-sized projector!

The CINEMOOD: Storyteller includes 89 cartoons, 40 audio stories, 20 digital books and 6 hand puppet tutorials.  The collection of cartoons can also be increased by purchasing one of their four different Smart Covers which includes more cartoon content. 

If that's not enough, the CINEMOOD reserves 10 Gb of memory for you to upload your own content or watch your own content through a USB flash-drive.

With simple to use controls, streaming YouTube videos on a big screen has never been easier!



The CINEMOOD: Storyteller is now available for purchase for $399 and the Smart Cover for $49.


Source: Cinemood

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